What Is Melville Medicine?

Melville Medicine is a medical practice unlike any that currently exists in the ever-evolving medical industry. Although classified as a “concierge” medical clinic, it is so much more. Individuals are increasingly familiar with “concierge style” practices due to their individualized approach to patients. However, these models can vary in their meaning to patients, sometimes ranging from simple accessibility to quicker and more efficient care OR it can mean utilization of comprehensive wellness plans that are personalized based on genetic and individual factors.

These models have proven success in improving the quality of care patients are achieving. Melville Medicine intends to exceed these impressively high expectations.

The team at Melville Medicine, led by Daniel Melville, MD, strives to “partner” with patients, ultimately redefining the value of availability and thoroughness to patients.

Dr. Melville applies over 15 years of experience in multiple medical arenas including traditional and concierge Family Medicine, academic and community settings, ambulatory and inpatient environments, and in the Emergency Department to effectively serve patients. He learns patients' goals and real-life scenarios to help navigate the complexities of healthcare. His passion for knowledge is unparalleled and he merges the expanding research to formulate unique and in-depth programs intended to promote optimal wellness. HIs services include executive physical examinations, a yearly review of immunizations, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and more!

Melville Medicine is THE choice for your present and future wellness needs. We look forward to partnering with you to reach your health goals!

Call today for an appointment to meet Dr. Melville to discuss options for membership or consultation!