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What Is An Executive Physical Examination? Executive Physical Examinations Southlake, TX

Ensuring that your employees stay healthy is of the utmost importance to you and your company. Everything from chronic illness to injury could mean that your most talented executives are taking multiple days or even weeks off, which can cause a serious impact on your business. Not to mention, you value your employees and want to see them healthy. Prevention is key to having a strong, healthy team of leaders who are ready to tackle the daily challenges and demands of your clients. One way to ensure healthy employees is with executive physicals.

Here at Melville Medicine, we perform detailed, executive-level physicals and other concierge-style services to patients of all ages living in and around the Southlake, Texas, area. We can provide your employees with comprehensive, tailored physical examinations and preventive care, that is always informed by their medical history.

Accordingly, the first thing we will need from our patients is a detailed medical record that will include their family history of diseases, chronic conditions, and hospitalizations. In some cases, we may even recommend having their blood work done prior to coming in for a physical examination.

During the executive physical examination, our physician, Dr. Daniel Melville, will perform a thorough health assessment including vision and hearing tests, as well as review the results of any possible blood work. Based on the physical examination, we may then recommend additional tests, including:

  • Imaging exams (X-rays)
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Cardiac evaluation

A physical examination is a very effective tool for ensuring that patients are taking all the proper measures that lead to a long and healthy life. Furthermore, these examinations can also help us detect health problems early on when they can either be managed with simple lifestyle changes and conservative treatment. Knowing that you or your employees are healthy can reduce everyone’s stress and provide the reassurance needed so that you can just get down to business.

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