Hormone Optimization

“To control your hormones is to control your life.”
- Dr. Barry Sears

Optimal wellness is achieved when aspects of our lives are in proper balance. This can include thyroid and hormone parameters, which easily can become imbalanced in stressful situations and with the natural aging process. If hormones are not addressed and managed properly, they can lead to inflammation, dementia, brain fog, cardiovascular risk, fatigue, and a general sensation of not feeling well, even when the right words cannot be found to describe why you feel poorly.

For over 15 years, I have practiced hormone optimization, expanding into all routes of administration, ranging from topical solutions to hormone pelleting.

I am officially certified through BioTE Medical since January 2016, allowing me to apply a well-balanced approach to all solutions for hormone optimization.

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I have personally been trained and mentored by some of the premiere leaders of the industry.

As life changes, it is critical to continuously assess thyroid and hormone parameters and to treat with an individualized and personalized approach based on your lab values and health objectives. This is even more critical as we try to balance improved quality of life while we try to add longevity to our lifespans as well.

At Melville Medicine, thyroid and hormone parameters are prioritized with routine surveillance. The results are thoroughly addressed with the successful experiences of the past 15 years, as well as the additions of continuing medical education in the world of hormone management.

“When hormones are put back in balance with natural bioidentical hormones, a woman or man resumes their normal life of feeling good and having days filled with quality.”
- Suzanne Somers

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