What Exactly Is Concierge Medicine?

Here’s how concierge medicine could finally give you the medical care you’ve been looking for.

Remember when doctors used to really take time out of their schedules to make sure that you got the care you deserved; you didn’t feel rushed out of the office, you didn’t wait hours to be seen, and you didn’t feel like “just another number”? While these days may feel like they’ve fallen by the wayside, our Southlake, TX, physician, Dr. Daniel Melville, still provides quality patient medical care through concierge medicine.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine provides patients with around-the-clock access to a doctor and medical services in exchange for a monthly fee. With this service, patients can expect special perks including same-day appointments, longer appointments to allow us to fully address your concerns, and the ability to call or email your Southlake, TX, medical physician directly (and receive a quick response).

Patients of all ages and all health issues can benefit from concierge medicine; however, there certainly is a rise in seniors who are taking advantage of concierge medicine. This is because we devote more time to our patients, make sure that treatments are working as they should, and provide simple, easy, and fast communication between our medical staff and our patients.

Even if you are in perfect health, concierge medicine can provide you with peace of mind knowing that personalized medical care is only a click or call away.

Is concierge medicine right for me?

While this is ultimately a personal choice based on your own healthcare needs, concierge medicine may be right for you if,

  • You need to see a doctor regularly due to a preexisting or chronic disease
  • You want a doctor that is available whenever you need them
  • You don’t want to wait weeks or months to see a doctor or get treated
  • You want to establish long-standing rapport with a doctor

Give us a call

If you are interested in concierge medicine and getting the tailored, individualized physician care that you need to address your health problems and concerns here in Southlake, TX, then call Melville Medicine at (817) 676-2010 to learn more.

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