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By Melville Medicine
December 30, 2020
Category: Medical
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How your doctor in Southlake, Texas can help you stay healthy

The health of your heart is vital to you staying alive. Heart conditions are life-threatening, and at the very least, debilitating. When you have problems with your heart, it can make it difficult to stay active and enjoy your life.

You don’t have to be a senior to have a heart condition. The truth is, heart problems can happen to anyone. Your doctor can help diagnose and treat heart conditions. Dr. Daniel Elias Melville at Melville Medicine in Southlake, Texas offers comprehensive medical care, including cardiac evaluation and treatment.

So, how do you know if you need a cardiac evaluation? There are some signs and symptoms to pay attention to, including if you have:

  • Chest pain with a feeling of squeezing or pressure in your chest
  • Pain that radiates into other areas including your jaw, shoulders, neck, or arms
  • Chest pain that becomes continuous and doesn’t get better when you rest
  • Chest pain, along with paleness, sweating, and problems breathing
  • A rapid or irregular pulse or heart palpitations

Heart problems are often first discovered through a routine physical with your doctor. A cardiac evaluation may be recommended if you have:

  • A family history of heart disease
  • A blood pressure that exceeds 120/80
  • A cholesterol level of 200mg/dl or higher

You can do a lot to prevent heart disease by living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Some healthy modifications include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating a diet low in saturated fats and sodium
  • Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week
  • Visiting your doctor regularly to monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and other factors.

If you are referred for a cardiac evaluation, you will probably need a cardiac stress test to determine how well your heart functions, an echocardiogram to check the structures of your heart, and an electrocardiogram to check heart rhythm.

A cardiac evaluation can help diagnose heart issues before they become serious heart problems that can shorten your life. To find out more about how a cardiac evaluation can help you, call Dr. Daniel Elias Melville of Melville Medicine in Southlake, Texas at (817) 676-2010. Call now!

By Melville Medicine
May 13, 2020
Category: Medical
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How your physician in Southlake, Texas can help you maintain your health

Heart problems can be scary, and they can keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest. You can do a lot to prevent heart problems. The key is leading a heart-healthy lifestyle. Dr. Daniel Elias Melville at Melville Medicine in Southlake, Texas offers a wide range of medical services, including ways to help prevent heart problems.

So, how do you live a heart-healthy lifestyle? It’s easier than you think.

There are some important ways to modify your lifestyle. Consider:

  • Increasing your level of exercise to at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Include some aerobic exercises to get your heart pumping, like jogging, brisk walking, or swimming.
  • Practicing stress management techniques like yoga, walking, reading, or meditation.
  • Avoiding fried and fatty foods like whole fat dairy, and red meats. Use low-fat dairy products instead, and try eating fish, turkey, or chicken.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables with lots of fiber, to help you feel full.
  • Practicing an excellent oral hygiene program which includes brushing after meals and flossing every day. Good oral health can lower your risk of serious heart issues like endocarditis and heart disease.
  • Monitoring your blood pressure and cholesterol regularly, with the help of your doctor. Make sure to take all medications as prescribed.
  • Living a heart-healthy lifestyle can lower your risk of heart problems, but there is still genetics to deal with. Your family history plays an important part in whether you are at increased risk for heart problems.

That’s why seeking out the help of your doctor is so important. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible if you experience:

  • Pressure or a squeezing feeling in your chest
  • Radiating chest pain that extends into your neck, shoulders, arms, or jaw
  • Continuing chest pain that increases
  • Chest pain along with sweating, paleness, or breathing problems
  • Heart palpitations, or a rapid, irregular heartbeat

You can protect your heart by living a heart-healthy lifestyle, and your doctor can help. To find out more about preventing heart problems, call Dr. Daniel Elias Melville of Melville Medicine in Southlake, Texas at (817) 676-2010. Call today!

By Melville Medicine
April 10, 2020
Category: Medical
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Here’s how concierge medicine could finally give you the medical care you’ve been looking for.

Remember when doctors used to really take time out of their schedules to make sure that you got the care you deserved; you didn’t feel rushed out of the office, you didn’t wait hours to be seen, and you didn’t feel like “just another number”? While these days may feel like they’ve fallen by the wayside, our Southlake, TX, physician, Dr. Daniel Melville, still provides quality patient medical care through concierge medicine.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine provides patients with around-the-clock access to a doctor and medical services in exchange for a monthly fee. With this service, patients can expect special perks including same-day appointments, longer appointments to allow us to fully address your concerns, and the ability to call or email your Southlake, TX, medical physician directly (and receive a quick response).

Patients of all ages and all health issues can benefit from concierge medicine; however, there certainly is a rise in seniors who are taking advantage of concierge medicine. This is because we devote more time to our patients, make sure that treatments are working as they should, and provide simple, easy, and fast communication between our medical staff and our patients.

Even if you are in perfect health, concierge medicine can provide you with peace of mind knowing that personalized medical care is only a click or call away.

Is concierge medicine right for me?

While this is ultimately a personal choice based on your own healthcare needs, concierge medicine may be right for you if,

  • You need to see a doctor regularly due to a preexisting or chronic disease
  • You want a doctor that is available whenever you need them
  • You don’t want to wait weeks or months to see a doctor or get treated
  • You want to establish long-standing rapport with a doctor

Give us a call

If you are interested in concierge medicine and getting the tailored, individualized physician care that you need to address your health problems and concerns here in Southlake, TX, then call Melville Medicine at (817) 676-2010 to learn more.

By Melville Medicine
December 20, 2019
Category: Medical

The health of a company is impacted significantly by the health of its executive team. Executive physical examinations can significantly reduce employer expenses and, of course, also potentially save employees’ lives. Here at Melville Medicine in Southlake, TX, Dr. Daniel Melville offers executive physicals to keep your team in top health.

Overview of Executive Physical Exams: The executive physical is a comprehensive exam tailored towards the busy executive. It combines a comprehensive review of the individual’s medical history with advanced testing. The executive physical exam may include a review of medical history, full-body checkup, checking vital signs, screening tests, imaging, immunizations, and counseling. The exam concludes in a private consultation with the physician as well as a detailed report offering health and lifestyle recommendations.

Executive Physical Exams Boost Health: An executive physical is more than a check-up; it’s one of the best ways to boost health and longevity in the long term by committing to preventative care and screening tests. Proactive measures help the physician identify potential health risks, making it easier to avoid and interrupt diseases before they take hold.

Executive Physicals Can Save You Money: Even though there's a cost associated with implementing a new program, executive physicals have a measurable, positive return on investment (ROI) on your executives' health and your company’s financial statements through reduced health care costs, enhanced productivity, and lower rates of absenteeism.

Executive Physicals Can Boost Productivity: Executive health programs lead to higher employee productivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) productivity losses related to family and personal health issues cost American employers $225.8 billion annually. However, studies have shown that executive physicals improve productivity levels among employees.

Need to implement an executive health program at your company? Looking for an experienced physician in Southlake, TX who offers executive physicals? Don't wait another day. Melville Medicine can design a program for you today. Call our office in Southlake, TX, today by dialing 817-676-2010.